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All-New Kuga Pre-Launch Tour

The All-New Kuga Has Arrived in Ipswich!

Be one of the first to meet the 'STREAMLINED, ENERGETIC, CAPABLE, ELEGANT & VERSATILE' All-New Ford Kuga

All-New Ford Kuga

We’ve secured one of the first models in the country until 19th December for us to showcase across our dealerships, giving our customers the best chance to be one of the first to meet this advanced all-new SUV.*


  • Sat 7th - Sun 8th Dec at FordStore Ipswich (New dates just added)
  • Tue 10th - Wed 11th Dec at Framlingham
  • Thu 12th - Fri 13th Dec at Woodbridge
  • Sat 14th - Sun 15th Dec at FordStore Ipswich
  • Mon 16th - Tue 17th Dec at Diss
  • Wed 18th - Thu 19th Dec at Lowestoft

The All-New Kuga will be available with Ford’s latest Plug-in Hybrid electric technology, for a cleaner, quieter, more sophisticated approach to SUV driving.
With a host of clever assistance technologies, and design features to compliment an active lifestyle, Ford Kuga is equally at home exploring rolling landscapes or seeking adventure from your city commute.

All-New Ford Kuga

The best of both worlds

Wherever the destination, the All-New Kuga Plug-in Hybrid uses two sources of power to get you there more efficiently.  An advanced electric powertrain lets you make shorter trips of up to 35miles on zero emissions, and can recharge anywhere you have access to mains power.  For longer journeys, the conventional combustion engine ensures you can go as far as you need to, using powersplit technology to help recharge the Hybrid battery as you drive.  While energy captured through regeberative braking also helps to extend your electric range even further.

All-New Ford Kuga

Freedom to just drive

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control keeps you travelling at a speed you choose. If the built-in RADAR sensor detects a vehicle ahead, it slows your vehicle to maintain a safe distance. Then, once the road is clear, the system automatically accelerates back up to the chosen speed. Add that to the Lane Keeping System, which helps prevent unintentional drifts over the lines, and those long journeys become even more enjoyable.

All-New Ford Kuga

Tame every terrain

Smooth city streets, or rocky off-road terrain: wherever you’re driving, Kuga is built to maximise control. Choose from five available drive modes, which fine-tune vehicle performance to perfectly suit the conditions. The system alters acceleration, steering and suspension sensitivity, while also working with traction, stability, and Hill Decent Control systems, to provide optimum control in any setting.

Select between: Normal, Sport, Wet/Slippery, or for maximum efficiency, the Eco mode. Key information is displayed via Kuga’s 12.3” digital instrument cluster, which changes between unique colour themes according to which drive mode you have selected.

All-New Ford Kuga

Seamless gear selection

For models with automatic transmission, Kuga’s Rotary Gear Shift Dial gives you complete control of the advanced 8-speed gearbox – allowing you to seamlessly select gears with the simple twist of the dial. While replacing the conventional gear leaver frees up additional space for a cleaner, more refined interior design.

All-New Ford Kuga

Extra support for your engine

The All-New Kuga’s Ford EcoBlue Hybrid diesel option incorporates a small electric motor with a 48-volt battery to help improve engine efficiency.

This is a Mild-Hybrid Electric powertrain, which cannot be driven solely on electric power. Instead the electric motor provides additional support to the combustion engine when needed, helping both to increase your vehicle mileage, and reduce emission figures.

There is no need to connect the vehicle to an external power source, as the separate 48-volt battery pack which powers the electric motor is recharged while you drive.

All-New Ford Kuga

Call us today to book your appointment.

*Please note that we’re not able to offer test drives during this pre-launch event.

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