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Citroën at the Paris Motor Show: The New C1 URBAN RIDE concept

Citroën at the Paris Motor Show: The New C1 URBAN RIDE concept

The New Citroën C1: Practical, comfortable and naturally urban, the Airscape roof adds a further touch of driving pleasure. The C1 URBAN RIDE concept – an exclusive at the Paris Motor Show – illustrates the potential for personalising this city car with new go-anywhere looks.

The lively, fun personality of New C1 is enhanced by SUV-inspired styling features to underline its character and strong nature. Ground clearance is raised by 15mm and bumper fairings are provided front and rear, along with wheel arch trim elements. Armed with this protection, it is all set for an urban adventure. For a more dynamic look, its tracks have been increased by 10mm. The Citroën C1 URBAN RIDE concept can be seen in two versions: 5-door and Airscape. The Airscape concept has the biggest roof opening in its class. Visitors at the Paris Motor Show will be able to cast their votes on a terminal near the concept, to say whether they would like to see this version in production in the future.

The Paris Motor Show will be open to the public from Saturday 4 October 2014.

The New URBAN RIDE concept has typical Citroën attributes with a fun, playful design that can be personalised and adapted to suit you.

Citroën is harnessing its creativity and technology to deliver enhanced comfort for its customers. True to its DNA, the brand is also
reaffirming its identity by delivering a ‘feel good’ customer experience at the Paris Motor Show. From vehicles to customer service via technology, Citroën continues to demonstrate its new positioning by promoting a new relationship between customers and their cars.

This modern and optimistic vision is illustrated, first and foremost, by the brand’s products, which are uniquely styled, comfortable, practical and easy to live with. Through cars with real personality, the ambition of the brand today is to provide more of what really matters to customers: more design, more comfort and more useful technology, combined with an affordable cost of ownership - the new C1 URBAN RIDE is a great example of this. 

This pursuit of a simpler, more relaxed approach goes beyond the car itself. André Citroën also set his brand apart with spectacular communication campaigns and a real sense of service. Today, Citroën is making new commitments across its networks, with original purchasing solutions and innovative services. The goal is to create a stress-free relationship for customers, based on transparency and trust – with a ‘feel good’ relationship between the customer and the brand at each stage of the ownership experience. This new positioning is expressed on the show stand at the 2014 Paris Motor Show,.