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Environment Sustainable Mobility

The aim of our sustainable development approach in the field of mobility is to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to protect natural resources and to develop new mobility behaviours that respect the environment.


Developing Efficient Technologies - Reduce our carbon footprint while continuing to innovate

Hybrid 4 x 4 technology combines the performance of a diesel engine with the advantages of electric power.

Puretech petrol engines ally reduced fuel consumption with enhanced performance.

BlueHDi  engines  significantly  reduce  pollutant  diesel emissions with the SCR system.


Selecting green materials - Using recycled or natural materials reduces our carbon footprint

Environmental constraints are factored in right from the design stage. By placing the emphasis on natural   materials, already recycled or designed for this purpose, we create a virtuous circle. Eco-design limits the impact of each   vehicle   on   the environment.

Three families of materials; Recycled Plastics, Natural Materials, Biomaterials


Using & managing recycled materials - Responsible Manufacturing

Some parts are made exclusively or primarily from green materials. For example, the wheel covers are made from recycled  polyamide,   the  scuttle  panel  grille  mounting  from recycled   polypropylene   and   the   glass   felt   soundproofing material used for the screen is made from recycled glass.


Recycling, a virtuous circle - End-of-life vehicles are collected by the network and processed in a way that respects the environment. Each vehicle is disassembled and its parts decontaminated where necessary.  This operation is  made  easier  by  the fact that disassembly is factored in from design.



Responsible driving - Eco-driving by a sustainable driver

  • Reduce your speed
  • Reduce you load
  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Keep your vehicle in good general repair


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