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New Ford S-Max - Coming Soon!

New Ford S-Max - Coming Soon!

New Ford S-Max – Coming Soon!

Until the current Ford S-MAX arrived, no one had seen a 7-seat vehicle that combined space and practicality with cutting-edge styling and sports couple-like performance. Ford have just announced an all-new S-MAX arriving later in 2015, but below gives you a taster of the conceptual designs that inspired Ford to create the new model.


With a stunning new look, uprated driving dynamics, cutting-edge technologies, and new 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine, this car is set to define a class of  vehicle all over again. Sleeker, sportier and more dynamically styled than ever, the new S‑MAX Concept employs the latest One Ford Global Design Language with a high mounted grille and swept-back headlamps. The line running along the side of the vehicle delivers an impression of length and speed while the sleek roofline sweeps seamlessly from windscreen to the rear to deliver a striking silhouette.

The New Ford S-Max has the most refined and sophisticated interior Ford have ever developed. It’s their ultimate expression of convenience, connectivity, flexibility, cutting-edge design and superior craftsmanship. Highlights include a new flexible seating system with a centre seat in the second row that folds into the vehicle’s floor for maximum versatility.



Wireless internet access is everywhere, so why not in your car? That’s the thinking behind the new Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch. It delivers wireless internet access for passengers, supported by an ingenious tablet docking station. New Ford technology will also look after your wellbeing. For example, Ford’s ECG Heart Rate Monitoring Seat records the driver’s heart rate and can connect with Ford SYNC to alert remote medical experts to unusual activity or even trigger active safety systems to take over in an emergency.

Advanced Active Park Assist featuring perpendicular parking capability, park out assist and Cross Traffic Alert can control steering and gear selection to make parking easier than ever before. Leaving a parking bay is easier and safer too. The system will alert you to any approaching traffic. Sophisticated communications and sensor systems provide the S‑MAX Concept with an exceptional level of protection. A key feature is our new advanced car-to-car communications technology – where the Ford ahead can ‘talk’ to your car via GPS to warn you about upcoming traffic jams, collisions and imminent hazards, such as a car stopped on a blind bend. And the new Ford Intelligent Protection System with Pre-Collision Assist identifies pedestrians stepping in front of the car and automatically applies the brakes.

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