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New Petrol Car Engines Bring More Citroëns Under 100G/KM

New Petrol Car Engines Bring More Citroëns Under 100G/KM
The new PureTech petrol powerplants can improve fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 25% while offering much better or at least equivalent performance.

The new three-cylinder PureTech engines are replacing the older four-cylinder options in citroën’s C3 and DS3 ranges. They exist in 1-litre or 1.2-litre versions, called VTi 68 and VTi 82 and with corresponding power outputs of either 68bhp or 82bhp.

The new engines employ the latest thinking in petrol engine “downsizing” – offering reductions in capacity, size and weight together with high-tech features such as variable valve timing and on-demand battery charging.

Fuel consumption figures will depend on the particular model and wheel options chosen, but will fall between 4.3 and 4.6 litres per 100km (or between 65.7mpg and 64.1mpg in Imperial units – the precise figures remain to be confirmed). Official CO2 emissions, meanwhile, will drop as low as 99g/km for the C3, down by a massive 38g/km.

Citroën are obviously delighted to bring a new petrol-powered option to the important sub-100g/km category, representing the most efficient cars on sale today. The petrol-fuelled C1, already enjoys a 99g/km rating; so it is encouraging to be able to offer the same remarkable result in a car the next size up. All cars in the lowest emissions category enjoy exemption from the London Congestion Charge, among other benefits.

Citroën’s diesel-powered cars also offer another route to highly efficient motoring, with a number of sub-100g/km cars in the C3, C4 and DS3 ranges. Not forgetting the DS5 flagship, which offers CO2 as low as 91g/km and up to 80.7mpg in diesel-electric Hybrid4 guise, an incredible achievement for such a large and luxurious car.

Citroën has always aimed to give their customers genuine choice, and with their new engines they will be able to provide a bigger, better and broader choice in petrol cars than ever before.

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