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Peugeot Introduces 'Gary's Cat'

Peugeot Introduces 'Gary's Cat'

This latest TV campaign highlights Peugeot’s innovative ‘Just Add Fuel®’ offer and features the stylish new 208.

In Peugeot’s latest TV commercial we are introduced to Gary, an ordinary guy who has lost his cat. The stylish new Peugeot 208 then appears on screen driven by a happy young couple. They don’t seem interested at all. But then again, why would they be? After all, they don’t know Gary (or his cat).

The message being; ‘forget about things that don’t affect you’. Forget about all the extras that need looking into when buying a new car. Peugeot’s unique ‘Just Add Fuel®’ offer takes the hassle out of running a car, looking after the customer's insurance, servicing & warranty, road tax and roadside assistance for one fixed monthly payment.

The TV Ad can be viewed below.


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