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Traveller Has Arrived!

Traveller Has Arrived!

The new Peugeot Traveller is the latest addition to the new Peugeot range, and is now on display at our dealership on Goddard Road in Ipswich.

Offering up to 9 spacious seats with 1,500 litres of boot space (or up to 4,900 litres due to its removable seats) the new Peugeot Traveller is available in three defined lengths, ranging from 4.60m to 5.30m, its height of 1.90m is rare in the segment, and guarantees the Peugeot Traveller's entry into covered car parks.

The Peugeot Traveller Business Plus VIP vehicle provides its rear-seat passengers with a four face-to-face seat configuration each with individual leather armchairs. The multi-function roof with tri-zone climate control and soft diffusion, equipment exclusive to the segment, and mood lighting, also contribute greatly to passenger well-being.

The modern and efficient Euro 6 95hp to 180hp engines and the new EAT6 automatic gearbox promise driving enjoyment and record CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in the segment. The most efficient version with 55.3mpg and 133g/km of CO2, and its entire range with 52.3mpg and 140g/km on average, are references in the segment.

The Peugeot Traveller offers a wide range of latest generation safety and comfort equipment, which is rare or unique in the segment:

◦ Hands-free sliding side doors
◦ Head-up display and road sign reading system with speed-limiter recommendation
◦ Opening tailgate rear window, glass roof panel, Active Safety Brake and automatic main beam switching
◦ New voice-control connected navigation and real-time traffic information, VisioPark 1 reversing camera with 180° overhead rear view and rear view zoom, or Driver Attention Alert

New Peugeot Traveller

The Peugeot Traveller comes in two ranges, one for private individuals and the other for professionals, each with two well-specified trim levels and seating options.  Both benefit from competitive usage costs, in particular due to its best-in-class fuel economy and its 25,000 miles / 2-year maintenance frequency.  A new platform with BlueHDi engines provide:

◦ 1.6 L BlueHDi 95hp, 5-speed manual gearbox from 51.3mpg | CO2 at 144g/km;
◦ 1.6 L BlueHDi 95hp S&S, ETG6 controlled gearbox from 54.3mpg | CO2 at 135g/km[1];
◦ 1.6 L BlueHDi 115hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 55.3mpg | CO2 at133g/km;
◦ 2.0 L BlueHDi 150hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 53.2mpg | CO2 at 139g/km;
◦ 2.0 L BlueHDi 180hp S&S, EAT6 automatic gearbox from 48.7mpg | CO2 at 151g/km1

For further information please contact the sales team on 01473 209103, visit the dealership on Goddard Road or click here to send us an email.