Citroen Electric Models

No Fuel, Reduced Tax & No Emissions

Our Electric vehicles can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, without compromising on style and practicality offering a vehicle to suit everyone.

Reasons to Drive an Electric Vehicle

More economical to run - charging your car costs less than the average cost of filling up a petrol or diesel vehicle, meaning that making your journeys will be cheaper
Lower maintenance costs - when compared to petrol or diesel engines, electric cars have less moving parts which in turn means there is less that could go wrong. There's also no need to top up any oil, for example.
£0 Road fund licence (100% electric) - electric vehicle owners are currently exempt from paying tax.
Zero emissions - When driving, there really is no comparison with a petrol or diesel car as an electric has zero, meaning you'll also be exempt from Congestion Charges.
Lower company BIK tax - a cheaper solution for your employees.
Quieter & more relaxing drive - no engine means less road noise.
Instant acceleration (100% electric) - you'll receive 100% of your power, immediately.
Zero engine vibrations (100% electric) - means no premature wear on the internal components of the vehicle.
Improves air quality in urban areas - kinder to the environment in urban areas which typically see more traffic.

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Electric Power Gauge

All-Electric Vehicle or 100% Electric Vehicle = EV

• Runs on battery power alone
• Zero fuel
• Zero emissions
• Better for the environment
• £0 Road tax
• No penalties in some low emission zones
• Impressive mile range between charges

Enjoy Lower Running Costs

• Government grants available
• Tax incentives and lower running costs.
• Electricity is noticeably cheaper per mile than petrol or diesel
• Servicing and maintenance is simpler and cheaper

Charging is Easy

• Plug in overnight just like your phone
• Top when you’re away from home without any charging facility with a standard 3=pin 13amp socket
• More than 100,000 public electric car charge points across Europe
• Public charging points at supermarkets, shopping centres, motorway service stations