Kia EV9

Here’s Jodie Kidd as you’ve never seen her – directing ONE MILLION VOLTS with her fingers.

​The British model has fronted campaigns for all the big fashion and perfume brands over the years, but she has never been asked to put on a steel woven onesie and be zapped with electricity.

If the awesome stunt had gone even slightly wrong, she risked being fried like that cat at Clark Griswold's family Christmas or Marv in the basement in Home Alone 2.

Car enthusiast Jodie donned the Faraday suit to shoot an ad for the New Kia EV9, the first seven-seat electric SUV.

She said: "Do I need to write my will? Oh my God. It will be amazing, but right now, I'm terrified"

Clearly, all worked out well in the end otherwise this would be a very different story.

After a quick costume change, hair and make-up, Jodie then posed for a second photoshoot with the EV9.

Computer whizzes merged the two pictures together to create the hero photo you see here - and it is amazing.

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