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Octopus Energy are the UK's most awarded energy supplier

As of 1st November 2023 Ford have chosen to partner with Octopus Energy to provide the best experience possible in supporting customer adoption of electric vehicles.

Octopus Energy have been recognised by Which? 6 years in a row and are the only supplier Which? have ever awarded more than twice. Their expert installers are smart hardware specialists who not only install EV chargers but can also install smart meters and isolator switches if required in the same appointment, getting even most complex homes EV ready.

Octopus Energy offer a choice of market leading EV home chargers to match different budgets and needs. As they will provide and install the EV Home Chargers, they will cover all aftersales aspects and they offer specific EV tariffs that can lower the cost of charging an EV at home.

How do I get an EV home charger installed?

Octopus Energy handle everything in-house so you can be ready to charge at home before your new Ford Electric Vehicle arrives​.

Click here to visit the Ford Octopus Energy page to begin the process and get a quote.

How to charge an electric vehicle at home

You have two options for charging your electric vehicle at home. The fastest is to use a dedicated EV Home Charger or you can plug your vehicle into a standard domestic socket using a home charging cable.

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