Ford Commercial Hybrid Models

Less Fuel, Reduced Tax & Low - No Emissions

Our Hybrid vehicles can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, without compromising on style and practicality offering a vehicle to suit every type of drive.

Reasons to Drive a Hybrid Vehicle

More economical to run - you'll be able to switch automatically between petrol/diesel and electric, allowing you to make the shorter journeys in electric only mode.
Lower maintenance costs - due to the combination of an electric motor and engine, it means there's fewer components to maintain which in turn results in lower maintenance costs.
Lower emissions - in Clean Air Zones across the UK, as a hybrid car driver you may be exempt from charges. Please check the exemption information in the UK government guidance.
Lower company BIK tax - depending on the emissions that your hybrid vehicle emits, the benefit-in-kind rate for your hybrid car may be based on the zero-emissions range.
Quieter & more relaxing drive - due to the electric motors within, hybrid cars are traditionally quieter than a petrol or diesel equivalent.
Improves air quality in urban areas - lower emissions means you'll be helping the air quality in condensed urban areas due to the electric motor.

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Mild Hybrid = mHEV

  • Combines a small battery & clever motor
  • Saves fuel
  • Lower emissions
  • No requirement to charge battery

Hybrid = HEV

  • Switches between petrol and electric automatically
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Vehicle generates power as you drive
  • No plugging in required
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced VED rate & lower BIK tax

Plug-In Hybrid = PHEV

  • Larger battery than HEV models
  • Plug-in at home or at a public charge point
  • Up to a 35 mile electric range
  • Lower fuel running costs
  • Lower emissions