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Could you be a more fuel-efficient driver?

Could you be a more fuel-efficient driver?

Peugeot ECO-Drive

We know how important fuel consumption is, and in order to help you make your Peugeot as efficient as possible here a few tips to help improve your fuel efficiency...


1 – Make sure you’re in the right gear 

Driving in a too high or too low gear makes your car work harder and therefore increases your fuel consumtion

2 – Drive calmly at a moderate speed

Nervous or aggressive driving, braking and accelerating constantly, increases fuel consumption unnecessarily

3 – Don’t overload your car

The heavier your car, the harder the engine needs to work to drive it forward, this means higher fuel consumption.

4 – Plan your journeys

Your car consumes more fuel in traffic jams or when you use it frequently for short journeys

5 – Heat up your car by driving, instead of leaving the engine idling

6 – Keep the windows up

Driving with an open sunroof or windows considerably increases drag.

7 – Limit your use of the heating and air con as they use up energy

The more electricity you use the more fuel you consume

8 – Have your car serviced regularly

If vehicle sub-systems (engine, gearbox, air conditioning, tyres, etc.) are poorly maintained, your car runs less efficiently and consumes more fuel.

9 – Pay attention to what your on-board computer tells you

10 – If your car’s new, follow the guidelines for running it in

11 – Check the weather report - and adjust your driving accordingly


Source Peugeot UK